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Introducing CapsuleCare Brightening and Smoothing Serums in Capsule form!

Introducing CapsuleCare Brightening and Smoothing Serums in Capsule form!

I am so very excited to announce the arrival of our newest serums, Vitamin-C and Retinol CapsuleCare! These new-generation biodegradable pods deliver our unique serum formulas in conveniently portable capsules, perfect for frequent travelers and working mothers like myself. I designed this unique, vegan capsule to perfectly protect and maximise the effect of the serums inside. One single capsule delivers an optimum amount for one application to face, neck and decolletage, saving space in your to-go skincare bag!

The Vitamin-C Capsule provides the skin with a daily antioxidant brightening boost, ideal as a revitalising wake-me-up in the AM, while Retinol Capsule effectively smooths, refines, and renews skin-surface, making it an ideal PM treat. In addition to their main botanicals (Vitamin-C vs Retinol)  the serums are based on a moisture replenishing blend that will leave skin perfectly nourished and balanced effortlessly. Both Capsule types are beneficial to all skin types of all age groups!

  • Vitamin-E for effective antioxidant protection.
  • Plant Oils to nourish and soothe complexion. 


Vitamin-C CapsuleCare

To use this new Skintreat, simply twist off the tip of the capsule to open. After prepping skin with tonic, smooth on to clean skin or mix with your moisturiser for a radiance enhancing boost! I truly hope you will love these new skin-adoring musts as much as I do!

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