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Beautiful, Glowy Skin!

Beautiful, Glowy Skin!


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Summer is coming to an end, and I will surely miss the warm breeze on my skin. 

But if there’s one thing I’m taking with me into the cold weather season, it’s beautiful, glowy skin! 

A natural glow isn’t just a Summer thing – prepare to combat dry skin with a simple skincare regimen using a few of our Skintreats. 

Here are a couple of must-haves to keep that glow going! 

glow tonic pixi beauty

Glow Tonic 

Our miracle-in-a-bottle, Glow Tonic, is an essential step for hydrated and glowy skin! With 5% Glycolic Acid, Glow Tonic loosens the buildup of dead skin cells, and added aloe vera makes it a gentle exfoliating toner suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 

Don’t forget -- if you’re like me and love being in the sun, make sure to wear SPF in the daytime when using Glow Tonic! 

Though some fans have seen results within just a few days, most of you may see clearer, more even textured skin in a few weeks of regular use. I really love reading all your fantastic reviews on how Glow Tonic has improved your skin and keeps it glowing! 

glowtion day dey pixi beauty

Glowtion Day Dew 

Glowtion Day Dew is one of my favourites! This multitasker can give you a glow in so many ways.

    • Moisturiser – use it as a lightweight moisturiser! Glowtion Day Dew has a touch of illuminating pigments to give a brightened effect.
    • Skin Perfector – illuminating pigments blur fine lines and imperfections while creating a more even-looking skin tone.
    • Primer - Use as a base to start your glow. Customise to achieve an airbrushed effect by mixing it with our H2O Skindrink or any foundation!
    • Highlighter – Dab on a little layer anywhere more glow is desired. Highlight the tops of your cheek and brow bones.

glow mist pixi by petra

Glow Mist 
I carry Glow Mist everywhere with me. You’ll find it at my desk, in my car cup holder, and of course, in my bag. I give this refreshing, must-have shake and mist when I need a nourishing boost. 

Glow Mist contains 13 natural essential oils that are great for more than just your face. Achieve a top-to-toe glow on your skin by spritzing all over your body. Give your hair a mid-day shine and nourish dry ends.

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