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Chloe's Day in LA

Chloe's Day in LA

Last month, we had a Pixi perfect day in LA with one of our very own PixiPretties, Chloe Morello! After spending the morning with one of Chloe’s biggest fans, Fiona, we enjoyed an intimate dinner with our closest friends in the evening. Let’s take a look back at this fun-filled day!

chloe 4

Fiona was an absolute delight to have at our Pixi Venice Boutique! First, she received a makeover with one of our Pixi experts, followed by a personal photoshoot! She and Chloe talked the day away about all things beauty. Chloe made it an unforgettable experience for Fiona, showing her around our Boutique, sharing her Pixi obsessions such as our Glow Tonic & Glow-y Gossamer Duos (I couldn’t agree more with Chloe’s favourites! 😉

chloe 1

Once evening approached, we gathered with Chloe’s closest friends and indulged in a beautiful dinner! Each guest was gifted a personalised necklace. We had a lovely dinner and excitement filled the room as we delighted over Chloe’s new Palette Chloette & Lip Icing!

It’s days like this that makes me so thankful for our amazing PixiPretties! :)) We love working with them and bringing their dream products to you all!

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