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NEW: Antioxidant Tonic

NEW: Antioxidant Tonic

NEW: Antioxidant Tonic

It’s Petra here again, thank you for reading!

With immense joy and boundless excitement, I introduce to you the latest masterpiece from our Pixi collection - the Antioxidant Tonic!

This ‘so-much-more-than-a- toner’ is an invitation to experience the epitome of skincare innovation and the embodiment of our passion for nurturing skin to create radiant beauty.

Antioxidant Tonic -A Symphony of Nordic Superfoods for Your Skin!

At the heart of our Antioxidant Tonic lies a blend that’s as unique as it is powerful - a Nordic blend of super berries. This isn’t just any ordinary mix; it’s a carefully curated potion featuring Birch Water, Lingonberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Cloudberry. These ingredients are chosen for their remarkable ability to re-hydrate, balance, and fortify the skin, crafting a barrier that’s as resilient as it is supple.


Deep Hydration and Elasticity Restoration

Imagine your skin, thirsty for nourishment and care, suddenly being enveloped in a cascade of hydration. That’s the promise of our Antioxidant Tonic. Its base of Birch Water acts like a drink of fresh, pure spring water for your skin, deeply moisturising and restoring elasticity with every use.

Protection Against the Elements

Our tonic also is a guardian against the harsh realities of our environment. With White Ginger Lily Root, we’ve added an extra layer of protection from blue light, UV rays, heat, and pollution. This ingredient doesn’t just shield; it brightens and enhances, giving you a complexion that glows with health.

A Boost of Probiotics for Skin Health

We believe in beauty that’s as healthy as it is stunning. That’s why our tonic includes a vegan blend of Probiotics, working tirelessly to balance, soothe and improve your skin’s overall clarity and health. It’s like a wellness retreat for your skin, every single day.

The Pixi Promise: Ethical, Botanical, Magical

In every drop of Antioxidant Tonic, you’ll find our commitment to ethical beauty. This vegan, berry infused treasure has been crafted without any harm to our furry friends and with all the love in our hearts for the planet and for you.

Join the Pixi Family

As we celebrate over two decades of beauty innovation, I invite you to experience not just a product, but a philosophy. Pixi isn’t just about looking beautiful; it’s about feeling beautiful, inside and out. The Antioxidant Tonic is a testament to our dedication to high-quality, inclusive skincare solutions that nurture and illuminate your natural beauty.

So, my dear friends, are you ready to fall in love with your skin all over again?

Much love always, 



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