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The Ultimate #PixiPerfect Pairs for Your Skincare Routine: Tips & Tric

The Ultimate #PixiPerfect Pairs for Your Skincare Routine: Tips & Tricks from Founder Petra

Clarity and Hydrating Milky Collection

Hello, Beauties! It's Petra here, founder and makeup artist of Pixi Beauty. Today, I want to share with you my favourite #pixiperfect pairs that will revolutionise your skincare routine. Each pair is carefully selected to work in harmony, ensuring your skin is always nourished, balanced and glowing. Let's dive into these fantastic duos and the tips and tricks to make the most out of them.

Tonic Perfect Partners: Glow Tonic (PM) & Rose Tonic (AM)

Glow Tonic

Start your day with our nourishing and soothing Rose Tonic, infused with Rose, Elderflower and Chamomile, perfect for your AM routine. In the evening, after cleansing, apply the Glow Tonic to gently exfoliate and revitalise your complexion with Aloe Vera, Glycolic and Ginseng.

Rose Tonic

Top Tip: Create your refreshing toning experience by freezing half Rose Tonic and half Glow Tonic in an ice cube tray. Pop out a Tonic cube when needed, let it melt slightly, then sweep a saturated cotton or muslin cloth over your skin for an instantly cooling and depuffing effect!

Clarity Cleansing Duo: Clarity Cleanser (PM) & Milky Cleanser (AM)

Clarity Cleanser

For a balanced and clear complexion, pair our Clarity Cleanser in the PM with the gentle Milky Cleanser in the AM. The Clarity Cleanser works to purify your skin with Willow Bark and Salicylic Acid, while the Milky Cleanser, with Jojoba and Coconut, provides a soothing cleanse in the morning.

Hydrating Milky Cleanser

Top Tip: Use a soft, moist facial brush to massage the cleanser into your skin, helping to stimulate blood circulation and ensure a deep cleanse.

Retinol & Botanical Collagen Pair: Overnight Retinol Oil (PM) & Botanical Collagen Serum (AM)

Overnight Retinol Oil

Introduce our Overnight Retinol Oil at night to help reduce the appearance of fine lines for smoother skin, while the Botanical Collagen Serum in the morning provides an instant skin-plumping effect. This powerful pair works to rejuvenate and firm your skin, giving you a youthful glow.

Botanical Collagen & Retinol Serum

Top Tip: Apply the Overnight Retinol Oil on freshly cleansed skin, and wait for it to fully absorb before applying your moisturiser. In the morning, gently pat the Botanical Collagen Serum into your skin before applying makeup for a smooth and plump base.

These #pixiperfect pairs are designed to elevate your skincare routine and give you the best possible results. Remember, consistency is key, and with these fantastic duos and our top tips, you'll be on your way to achieving glowing, healthy skin in no time.


Happy glowing! ✨




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