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+C Vit - The Magic of Tinted Skincare

+C Vit - The Magic of Tinted Skincare

+C Vit - The Magic of Tinted Skincare

Greetings, Pixi Lovelies!

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the realm of radiant, fuss-free beauty with our glowing line, +C VIT Colourtreats!

Picture this: the nourishing care of skincare meets the magical touch of makeup, subtly tinted, ready to unveil your natural beauty.

Pixi Colourtreats: The Magic of Tinted Skincare

In my journey to create the holy grail of beauty products, I envisioned something that echoes the simplicity and grace of nature itself. This dream has blossomed into our Colourtreats family, an assembly of love crafted with the vibrancy of Vitamin-C and the gentle embrace of the Rose Flower, my favourite garden guest. These concoctions represent more than just makeup; they are your pathway to radiant skin that flourishes with every use, embodying the Pixi philosophy of beauty with a soul. Your daily beauty routine transforms into an act of self-love, where each product doubles as a caretaker, enhancing your natural glow today and nurturing your skin for a luminous tomorrow.

+C Vit Colourtreats

+C VIT Priming Oil: Our Secret to a Flawless Glow

I highly recommend, stepping into the day with a splash of our +C VIT Priming Oil, your secret potion to a radiant start.

With every use, this light-as-air oil performs a balancing act on your skin, fostering a healthy glow while setting the perfect canvas for a seamless makeup application. Its properties lie in its tri-phase serum-oil, a beautiful symphony of nourishment and energy that your skin will fall in love with.

Remember to shake gently, creating a harmonious blend before smoothing onto your skin.

+C Vit Essence Oil

+C VIT Brightening Perfector: Your Daily Dose of Radiance

On the busiest of mornings or the laziest of days, let our +C VIT Brightening Perfector be your BFF.

 Its revolutionary formula, enriched with tiny beads of tinted moisturizer, works wonders to revive your complexion, bringing forth a more even toned, healthy appearance with just a hint of colour. I simply cannot imagine stepping on or off a plane without this gem by my side. It's my personal secret to sporting a fresh, dewy look no matter where life takes me.

+C Vit Brightening Perfector

+C VIT Undereye Brightener: The Touch of Awakening

We've all had those mornings where we crave a touch of brightness to face the day.

Our +C VIT Undereye Brightener comes to your rescue, bringing with it a drop of peachy bliss to uplift your spirit and awaken your eyes. Its illuminating pigments work hand in hand with Vitamin C, gifting you an instant uplift while promising a future free of dark circles. And for those special days, pair it with our chilled Vitamin C Eye Patches- BeautifEYE for that extra awakening effect!

+C VIT Undereye Brightener

+C VIT Glow-y Powder: The Radiance Multi-Tasker

Imagine having a pinch of sun-kissed warmth, a sprinkle of golden glow, and a burst of apricot freshness all in one magical powder-pot – that's what our +C VIT Glow-y Powder promises. This all-in-one wonder is your go-to for a naturally luminous finish that adds an instant glow to your complexion. From a dash on the cheeks to a gentle sweep across your eyelids, it is your secret to looking fabulous even on the busiest of days.

+C Vit Glow-y Powder

+C VIT Lip Brightener: The Potion for Luscious Lips

With our +C VIT Lip Brightener, achieving soft, supple lips has never been easier. This delightful balm is a heavenly blend of Vitamin C richness and a gentle touch of peachy hue, working tirelessly to keep your lips kissably soft. It’s my little secret for a natural smile, every single day.

+C VIT Lip Brightener

Rediscover your Natural Beauty

These creations are all very close to my heart and I invite you to join me in this beautiful journey to rediscovering your natural beauty.

With Pixi, every day is a step towards radiant, happier skin.

From my heart to yours, let's sprinkle a little Pixi magic in our lives, transforming our daily beauty ritual into a joyous celebration of self.

With Love Always,

Petra xx

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