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Tinted Moisturizer Masterclass

Tinted Moisturizer Masterclass


One of my all-time favorite products for warmer weather is a great tinted moisturizer. 

Today I thought I’d explain the benefits of tinted moisturizer in general and also give you exclusive in-depth look into two amazing Pixi formulas – read on! 

Why should I use a tinted moisturizer? 

Try tinted moisturizer if you’re looking for a light, natural look that still lets your skin shine through. It's great for: 

- casual weekends 
- vacations 
- running errands 
- hot weather 
- a super natural "no-makeup" look (make sure not to powder on top!) 

These formulas also usually contain some AMAZING skincare ingredients, so that you’re nourishing your skin while you wear it. 

Which tinted moisturizer should I choose?

Find H2O Skintint at:

Find Illuminating Tint & Conceal at:

First up is ILLUMINATING TINT & CONCEAL – the classic. It's really an all-in-one skin perfector: moisturizer, serum, SPF, base in the tube + full coverage concealer in the cap. It's the original BB cream, with soothing ingredients, invisible SPF, and radiant coverage! 

TEXTURE: Rich, creamy, nourishing

FEEL: Comfortable & very moisturizing

COVERAGE: Medium to full (use the tinted moisturizer in tube by itself or add the concealer in the cap to add more coverage)

FINISH: Airbrushed lustre with a delicate sheen

IDEAL FOR: Normal to dry, dehydrated, or mature skin; outdoor activities & working out (it’s water-resistant & contains SPF for extra protection)

BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Ginkgo Biloba extract helps to maintain youthful skin by improving circulation and vitamin C revitalizes tired skin

APPLICATION: Work a coin sized amount of tinted moisturizer into skin with fingers or a foundation brush. Add concealer straight from the cap or with a precision brush onto any areas that need more coverage, tapping gently to blend.

PETRA'S TIP: I love to use a lighter shade than usual as a luminous highlighter, perfect for adding to cheekbones and bow of lip. Also try applying the concealer to eyelid before shadow for a stay-put & intensified look.



Next is H2O SKINTINT – the newcomer. It's the ultimate hybrid product - a cooling tinted face gel that both feels & looks super-fresh. 

TEXTURE: Ultra-light & soothing gel

FEEL: Ultra-cooling & hydrating

COVERAGE: Sheer to medium but layers well for more coverage; excellent for toning down redness

FINISH: Semi-matte finish that looks like bare, perfected skin

IDEAL FOR: Normal to dehydrated, combination, oily, or sensitive skin; uneven skintone, redness, or flushed skin

BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Green tea provides antioxidants, rose water moisturizes, and English chamomile & lavender soothe

APPLICATION: Apply a coin sized amount starting from the center of the face blending outwards, using fingers or a foundation brush. Go in with a smaller brush with a little extra for areas that need more coverage.

PETRA'S TIP: This is the perfect base to create a customized finish - try a luminous primer (like Flawless Beauty Primer) underneath for a candlelit effect or try a mattifying primer (like Flawless & Poreless) for a velvety-smooth effect.

Find Cream Base Brush at:


There are benefits to both of the following application tools:  


- warms up formula to blend seamlessly 
- product goes on faster 
- can "press" product into skin for natural-looking coverage


- keep fingers/nails clean 
- product goes on sheerer 
- good for precision concealing & layering 

Once you've applied your favorite tinted moisturizer, finish off the look with cream products (avoid powders to keep the layers seamless & the look fresh) - a water-based cheek gel and tinted lip balm looks gorgeous! 

Find Shea Butter Lip Balm at:

Find Sheer Cheek Gel at:

There you have it! Everything you'll ever need to know about tinted moisturizer :) Let me know if you try the tips above!


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